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  • Why Financing a Van is better than paying cash

    You may think I’m mad saying finance your next used Van rather than paying cash, I know what you’re saying “well you have to pay interest with finance” yes you do but I’m going to explain why it’s better. Some factors that you don’t think about, which could help your finances and cash flow.

    My names Lewis and I’m the Used van salesman at Master van sales used van dealership in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, I’m going to share a little secret, we get it all the time “what’s the best deal you can do if we pay cash?” in my head I’m thinking we would rather you take finance than cash, not just because we get commission, yes, it’s a bonus but it’s also a bonus for you as well, your more than likely to get a better deal with finance, here at Master vans we don’t just think about ourselves, we think about our customers too. So why would you take finance, one good reason is because a Van is a depreciating object, why would you put 10-15k of your hard-earnt money to buy it outright. I always tell my customers let the van pay for itself, I will do a few scenarios so you can get a better understanding to what I mean here’s a few examples-

    1.John a builder and earns £150 a day, he has managed to save £15,000 for a New shape Vauxhall Vivaro, he buys the van for 15k leaving him no money left.

    2.Mike he’s also a builder earning £150 a day, he also has £15,000 in the bank but he decides to take on finance, he’s more of a business man, thinking that the van is going to cost only £8.50 per day, he also has £15,000 in the bank to spend on emergency’s or to expand his company. Even though Mike isn’t VAT registered he can still offset any VAT against his end of year tax return even if he has taken finance he can even claim the tax on the Interest.

    I know which one I’d rather do, yes you pay interest but £8.50per day to free up £15k it’s a no brainer. What John doesn’t know is that with the HP Finance he will own the Vivaro at the end and that he can settle in part or in full at any time and not get stung with any early repayment fees, in fact it works your way as you only pay for the interest you use. This is my view and being in the industry it makes sense, I’d like to hear our views if you have them, feel free to comment.        

    We have been here for 27 years and situated in the town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire selling quality low mileage value for money used vans, superb location being right next to a train station making that journey easy from likes of London, Cambridge, Northampton and surrounding areas. We have over 20 handpicked vehicles in stock, we also have over 20 finance lenders that we deal with so we can always help, either good or bad credit. So for the best deal on finance vans for sale you know where to come. We accept and welcome part exchange which could be you old van, car or even both. With the best choice of late low mileage used vans to choose from including small vans, meduim vans and even long wheel based used vans. If you need a tipper pickup truck no problem as we always have a Ford Transit Tipper in stock for sale. So whatever used van you need for your business we have it covered so call Master Van Sales today on 01462 457645 and ask for Lewis 

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    You can even check your credit rating for FREE on our website to find out what used van you can afford to buy. This is perfect as it leaves no trace on your credit file just shows us what you can achieve with no embarassing moments. This will also help you understand the size of deposit required for you to buy your new van. So to take advantage of this service just go back to our website and click the FREE indicator and complete the short form. Then let our experts get to work in finding you the best finance deals on used vans.