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  • Peugeot Partner LWB Crew cab for sale at used vans hertfordshire

    06/11/2017 16:06:40

    If your Company needs a van, your first thought will probably be to get a big one. If it can carry lots of stuff, your driver will be able to make more deliveries in one day and take more equipment or cargo on a single trip. On the other hand, large vans can be a nuisance in today's congested city centres, where there's nowhere to park at the best of times. You could get delayed: the chance of

  • Why Financing a Van is better than paying cash

    27/09/2017 05:54:21

    You may think I’m mad saying finance your next used Van rather than paying cash, I know what you’re saying “well you have to pay interest with finance” yes you do but I’m going to explain why it’s better. Some factors that you don’t think about, which could help your finances and cash flow.

    My names Lewis and I’m the Used van salesman at M

  • London Low Emission zones

    26/09/2017 10:30:11

    From September 2020, all cars, motorcycles, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and heavy goods vehicles, will need to meet exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards), or pay a daily charge, when travelling in central London.

    The Low Emission Zone standards are in addition to any Congestion Charge or Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charges already applied. The area cover

  • Citroen Dispatch For sale

    18/09/2017 12:27:36

    The Dispatch has long been Citroen's best selling van in the medium sized van sector. Mercedes Vitos, Renault Trafics and Ford Transit Custom models tend to rule the van world. Taking on this lot isn't something you'd want to do single-handed, so at the turn of the century, Citroen chose to share development of the second generation Expert with both Peugeot and Fiat, whose

  • Vauxhall Vivaro For Sale

    16/09/2017 18:15:03

    Vauxhall fundamentally changed the way we bought panel vans in the UK. When the Vivaro was first launched in 2001 and made in Luton Bedfordshire, the van market was pretty sorted. If you wanted inexpensive you bought a Ford Transit. If you wanted to spend more, you went for a Volkswagen or a Mercedes. These days, things are very different and the Vivaro has been a key player in changing t

  • The Ford Transit One Of The Most Popular Vans For Sale

    16/09/2017 11:09:44

    The History of the Ford Transit Van which is quite possibly one of the most famous make of vans and pickup trucks ever made. The Ford Transit is a range of light commercial vehicles produced by Ford since 1965. Sold primarily as a Cargo Panel Van.Over 8,00

  • Maintain your Commercial Vehicle

    15/09/2017 16:59:00

    Lewis's helpful winter tips to maintain your commercial vehicle.

    Check out some of my top tips on maintaining your used commercial vehicle especially now its coming up to winter!!


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